This blog was being actived since September 2009. Yeah it’s quite new. Our goal is to provide our readers with small size Movies without loss of quality.This site will help the people who have slow internet connection because the size of movies is between 300-450MB.We are trying our best to provide direct download links for all releases.

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  1. Dear Admin Blog,

    I’m new in here .. and i have a link 20Mbps .. did the file server has a limit to download a file and how much the size of limit that i can download each files

  2. Thanks for the media!

    Especially for the ongoing fifth season of Archer!

  3. Yeah..This Site Is MaxxXaa.
    Specially Because Download Links are Very Speed Through IDM.
    Thanks For The For You & Keep It Well.Super Good Job

  4. Please: Far and Away

  5. hi , i’m ephrem and i’m new for this website and i just wanna say TnxXXXX you’r great we love you .

  6. Hello, no uploads since Feb 11th, what has happened??

  7. we miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  8. Hey Guys, we r waiting for new updates, plz do something…

  9. hi admin :)can u please re-upload Les Miserables again. all previous link were dead. i really want to watch it again….

  10. @admin,Nitro please upload rocky 2,3,4,5,6 movies…please!! 🙂

  11. Keep up the good work guys..Great movies,.Cheers!!!

  12. Would you please update Crisis tv show?

  13. Please upload ‘non-stop’

  14. Nitro,
    Glad you come back, have been missing you for a couple of days.

  15. pls how do I download here

  16. will u pls upload matrix triology……..i m dying to watch it…….!!!!!!!!pls…!!!!!

  17. please support East Asian Movies . Thanks .

  18. Hey, I’m new here. Someone please help me. How to download those videos?

  19. for those who asked how to download, can you guys just read Guide: How to download on the above. Pls dont posting craps!!!!!
    Nitro has already given you all the guidelines, respect him by reading it!!!!!

  20. why dont u upload 18 section like asian korea japan etc… i search all over the world of website . only 300mbdilms is my best site…
    i hope u add it. thanks

  21. why no 18plus?

  22. I like this website , all of my movies, i download it here 🙂 Keep up the Good Work (y)

  23. waiting for raid 2 brip, nfs 2014 brrip, amazing spider man 2 brrip

  24. update to Nurse 3D (2013) BRRip 500MB Pleace nItRo. Regars!

  25. just nice

  26. can u please upload the links for the cat returns (2002) movie?

  27. This site is awesome
    love this site

  28. I like the goal of this site. I have slow internet connection in my country, thanks mate!!!

  29. Alan Jebakumar


    Just came across this site recently. Found a lot of awesome movies across this site. I’d suggest if you start creating torrents for the links, as its still an efficient way of downloadins files.

    Do have a thought on it.


  30. hi admin plz share 15th IIFA Awards 2014 tnx

  31. This site is the best, i just love it. Keep up the great work of providing the movies admin 😀

  32. This site is Just in one word Awesome! The admin nItRo is a Guy to wait for his rips to get in small size Thanks nItRo for providing such Prints in such a small size I tried my level best but can’t compete with ya! -peace

  33. one of the best video download sites currently. keep up the good work.

  34. Awesome site. Enjoyed it.

  35. Dear Admin, would you mind upload BET Awards 2014 please? Thank you

  36. this is the best video download sites, and i have been enjoying the site since 2010. Please keep up the good work.

  37. I have been using this website for more than two years now. Keep up the good work !

  38. please upload the movie when marnie was there.

  39. great site admin
    if you could upload the hundred-foot journey that
    would be great

    Thank you

  40. This is great unquestionably great.
    have been downloading from this site ….for a year or more.
    great quality,smaller size.
    i see that,you are keeping your promise.
    carry on.
    expecting more Asian movies from you.

  41. the website is looking awesome because the website provide best quality movies with low mb thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx admin u r great

  42. awesome site 😀

  43. hey Admin can you Post MORE EXTENDED BRRip Movies plz.. plz.. plz.. plz….. 🙂

  44. Would you be able to upload NCIS, NCIS LA, Hawaii Five-O and The Mentalist? =)

  45. 1080p 1st upload and then 720p ,nItRo

  46. there is this programme i have been watching, i really love the programme, don’t know if you can help me get the programme from kickass torrents and convert to english http://kickass.to/windeck-t8773084.html the programme is in French but i have been seeing it on cable in english, please i really need this programme in english words. thank you.

  47. Plzz upload bollywood wood movies

  48. Admin Please upload LUCY BRrip

  49. The quality & size of nItRo & this site always be the best!!

    But, please dont compress to rar files. It takes me (and everyone) one step to view.

  50. I’d like to request some movies.The movies are:

    1. The Four 2012 (2 Audio or English dubbed) Brrip 720p
    2. The Four 2013 (2 Audio or English dubbed) Brrip 720p
    3. The Four 2014 (2 Audio or English dubbed) Brrip 720p

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