This blog was being actived since September 2009. Yeah it’s quite new. Our goal is to provide our readers with small size Movies without loss of quality.This site will help the people who have slow internet connection because the size of movies is between 300-450MB.We are trying our best to provide direct download links for all releases.

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  1. Dear Admin,

    Am a big follower of this site and download a lot 🙂

    Could you please upload the movie
    Exodus: Gods and Kings

    and a better print for interstellar.


  2. Any chance you could start uploading TNA impact wrestling like you do RAW and Smackdown that would complete my weeks wrestling. Thank You
    This site is AWESOME

  3. Ganesh Mahalingam

    I have always loved this wonderful site.

    I am an old ardent fan and customer of this stupendous site.

  4. Thanks alot guys

  5. thanks for the download links. Really love it.
    And I’m lokking for Cucmber, Banana, Tofu series. Would you pls upload them? Thank you very much for your jobs!

  6. One word for the site Awesome:)
    one request post the movies in hindi audio thnx nitro

  7. Thanks for small & direct downloads (“,)

  8. please guys assist me , i can get through the password page . after puting the password it keeps asking for the password over and over again

  9. Hi Admin, Please continue upload WWE

  10. I love this site would you please upload hardtarget by john claud van dem

  11. This is great site, I’ve been using it I guess since 2010. One suggestion, please leave x264 and switch to x265, which is the future of encoding. Now I’ve been turning to other platforms to look for it.

  12. please how can i download movies from this site…..please
    help me

  13. Please upload the pacific (miniseries)

  14. This site is doing a great job. your amazing

  15. This site is one the best sites i love it.Admin is hard working man keep it up buddy!

  16. plzzz put some latest games also…other than that this site is fabulous……..

  17. quantico s01e03 plzzz

  18. hey there admin….i’m a big fan of this site..it’s perfect!! i would like to ask you to upload a movie called ‘flying colours’.it’s a japanese movie actually,so…..pleeeaassee

  19. Very awesome site.
    Has all movies you need, and perfect quality and size too.
    Big up 300!!!

  20. could you upload all of jackie chan movies plisssss..

  21. Thank you whoever you are Mr./Ms. uploader/encoder/

    I won’t say any request.

  22. Great work guys. I love your site. Thanks. KIU! 🙂

  23. sir, game of thrones episode 5 and episode 6 in 1080 please

  24. could you plzzz upload Game of Thrones season 6 episode 9 and 10 in 1080 today?

  25. Admin can you please make a separate section for just tv series? as it takes ages to search through all the latest movies

  26. You guys are the best . keep up the good work.

  27. I love getting movies and TV shows, but I hate that every time I click anywhere on your site a pop-up tab or window with ads constantly (I know it might be your way of making this site free)but I wish you could change it so the ads are on the page instead of opening up a new tab or changing the page I’m on

  28. Hi Admin,
    Will you ever upload Bollywood movies again?

    Please respond as soon as possible.

  29. Hi, I just want to express my gratitude to you. You are my number one site and I’ve been really well served by all your work. Thank you kindly.


  30. Hey nItRo,

    thank you for bringing us through this year!
    Intentionally or not You’ve done so much to help us!
    All the best


  31. Nitro is the King!
    Thank you for all you do!

  32. Please admin I hope you not delay your upload every week

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