House of the Dragon (2022) S01E01E02 720p 400MB nItRo

House of the Dragon (2022) S01E01E02 720p 400MB nItRo

Story Line:

House of the Dragon tells the story of an internal succession war within House Targaryen at the height of its power, 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen.

[FORMAT]:………………………….:[ Matroska
[Encoder]:…………………………:[ nItRo

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  1. just rollback to this site when i click the link

  2. fixed the links please try again!

  3. only episode one is on the download whereas the name says it has ep 1 and ep 2 .. please check admin ..

  4. if you scroll down there is second episode links also in the links page//

  5. Many thanks.

    FYI For those interested: 2nd episode has 2 scenes with Valyrian that have French subtitles hard-coded … seems original file grab came from France (credits in French too). Have yet to locate English version; not end of the world.

    Thanks again.

  6. Follow-up … English subtitle files available; just do internet search … 2 scenes with Valyrian rather short (1st scene in council room deals with news Daemon took a dragon egg (Dreamfyre/Songefeu)Rhaenyra had selected for her now dead baby brother; 2nd scene at Dragonstone: Rhaenyra informs Daemon the king made her princess of Dragonstone that he now occupies. Daemon replies she will have it when she comes of age. Rhaenyra states the king is upset. Daemon claims no offense given, he wishes only to marry a wife of his own choosing. Rhaenyra inquires why steal her brother’s egg. Daemon states a dragon shared its cradle, it will be the same for his son. Rhaenyra skeptically asks he is to be a father. Daemon says one day).

  7. Thanks admin. Please kindly upload Idris Elba Beast

  8. Kindly upload Episode3 please

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