News:- NO Rapidshare From Today bcoz Rapidshare add restriction on collector account,Now second Mirror is its also support download accelerators and download resume!!!

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  1. NO Rapidshare OK…

    but dont MEDIAFIRE…

    Like this site so much…

  2. Yeah aggreed with Vester.. Mediafire is the best!

  3. Hey Admin , your doing a really great job .
    cheers ..
    and it would be really great if you could add them to Quickupload also
    since it supports accelators and ,
    we could download the files at one shot ,

    and thx

  4. always visit everyday
    always click ads everyday 🙂
    thx u admin

    never use rapid
    always use mediafire 🙂

  5. thank u all of u never rapidshare always mediafire enjoy!!!!!

  6. I am kind of happy you stopped uploading to Rapidshare, it’s the worst file sharing site. Let’s all of us boycott Rapidshare. And is a great choice.

  7. thanks for MF love this site.

  8. Shahrez Rafiq

    Yup, pretty fine with us.
    We all head for this site just because of its MF links. Love ya guys.

  9. Yes, that’s nice decision…….
    Rapidshare is really too much annoyed……
    But, never cancel Mediafire links…….!!
    Thanks……for this decision….

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